Mike James joins the URBONUS podcast to rank the Top 5 biggest EuroLeague free agency moves together with BasketNews’ Donatas Urbonas and Errick McCollum.


  • Why does Mike follow the URBONUS podcast (00:00);
  • Mike’s take about Steph Curry that went worldwide (8:34);
  • The biggest move of the free agency (12:25);
  • A game changer signing for Madrid (20:30);
  • Lorenzo Brown’s passport & weird Baldwin’s addition (25:00);
  • Why James was skeptical about Monaco’s signings at first (28:16);
  • Fenerbahce’s move that surprised many NBA people (35:27);
  • Donatas’ choice that received pressure from Mike & Errick (39:49);
  • Why Mike couldn’t recognize Nick Calathes (48:00);
  • What Mike likes about Monaco’s additions the most (52:25);
  • The best solution for Milan’s struggles (55:19);
  • How one of the most favorite Errick’s Europeans landed in France (58:27);
  • Mike & Errick against European basketball calendar (1:00:30);
  • The key part of Fenerbahce’s rebuild (1:06:03);
  • The steal of the summer? (1:11:48);
  • The best center signing of the summer? (1:15:40);
  • Errick’s & Mike’s choices on biggest under the radar signing (1:19:40);
  • The most exciting EuroLeague rookies to watch by Errick & Mike (1:23:08).
  • The EuroLeague superstar Mike would love to play with (1:25:45).

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