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Credit FIBA

A week after the decision to cut captain Milos Teodosic from the Serbian national team, head coach Svetislav Pesic held a press conference in Stark Arena and terminated the silence regarding the widely-discussed action.

"This is the first time this has happened to me in my career that I didn't have time to inform the team, and all portals announced Teodosic's departure from NT. I have to tell you that you are misinformed," Pesic started, via Telegraf. rs.

"Of course, after that, I was called by multiple journalists but I didn't say anything. I'm the coach of the national team. My job is to train the national team and ensure peace in the team so that we can continue.

Our business is a team. The squad was informed a little later. A very good conversation was held with Teodosic. My decision is not an easy one, not only because I have been on the national team for a long time, but it is not easy with any player. Maybe he was a little surprised, but that is an integral part of life and sport."

Then Pesic expanded more on why he no longer counted on Milos Teodosic.

"I told him directly that I cannot offer him the status and place he had in the national team before and that we are turning to players who can give more at this moment. We sat down and made decisions...

There were many discussions on the topic that he is the captain of the national team and so on. But let him stay in the team and be a backup player. That was the thinking, but he never was a bench player, and I honestly told him that I have better players than him in the two guard positions.

The team is not made up of the best players, but of those, who work best, and not only of the experienced athletes but the inexperienced as well. That is the decision that has been made. He thanked me, I also thanked him for the way he accepted and that's it for now," Pesic added about the case of the team captain and finished with the following statement.

"So, no one has been crossed out, no one has been removed or eliminated, I will underline that."

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