EuroBasket 2022 starts in just under three weeks, and fans from all over Europe will come to watch the biggest stars of the continent compete for the ultimate trophy.

The group stage is going to be held in four different cities and arenas.

Teams of Group A (Montenegro, Georgia, Spain, Bulgaria, Belgium, and Turkey) are going to play in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the newly-renovated Olympic Palace. 

Group B (Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, and France) will compete in Cologne, Germany, in Lanxess Arena, capable of hosting a whopping number of up to 19,500 basketball fans.

Milan, Italy, will host Group C (Greece, Estonia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, and Croatia) in AX Armani Exchange Milan's home arena, the Mediolanum Forum.

Group D teams (Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Israel, Serbia) will have to travel to the historical city of Prague and its O2 Arena, capable of packing 16,805 basketball fans.

When the group stage is over, the remaining 16 teams will travel to Berlin, Germany. All playoff matches will be hosted in the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the home of ALBA Berlin, capable of hosting 14,500 basketball fans.

Now, let's talk about the tickets for EuroBasket and the different systems and pricing decisions each venue takes. All data is as of the morning of August 14th.

Group A - Tbilisi, Georgia

First, let's talk about the basics. Basketball fans can buy tickets with or without registration at the ticket provider. One important note - each ticket carries service and transaction fees ranging from 1.05 to 3.00 Georgian lari. Fans have to pick every ticket and every seat themselves from a seat map of the arena. offers neither venue nor day tickets, meaning fans have no ability to purchase attendance to all matches of the group at once and have to buy tickets for each of the sessions separately. Only one ticket package was offered - a Follow Georgia pack - which was quickly sold out and is no longer available for purchase.

The group host Georgia always plays during the night session at 21:00 local time. As a result, fans have to choose to whether watch the two other matches of the day during the day session or attend a game of the home team.

The entire seating is split into Tier 1 and Tier 2 with the first being the lower deck seating and the second being the upper deck seating. Consequently, each tier is split into its own seating categories by visibility.

Arena map for purchasing tickets in Group A
Arena map for purchasing tickets in Group A

Tier 1 has only two options - VIP and A category, while Tier 2 has six separate categories from A (best, most expensive) to F (worst, least expensive) of its own. It's worth noting that not every section in Tier 2 has all the categories as it depends on the visibility of the section as all six categories are sorted by this criteria.

Interestingly, the tickets for Georgia national team's matches are cheaper than those for the day session with the cheapest tickets starting at 35 Georgian lari (~€12.5) for the night session while those same tickets cost 45 Georgian lari (~€16) for the day session. Overall, tickets to the night session are cheaper by 44.75% on average.

All Tier 1 tickets have been sold out for all matches. Talking about individual games, Georgia's clash with reigning World champions Spain is set to take place in a sold-out Olympic Palace as none of the tickets are available for purchase.

The most expensive Tier 2 tickets will cost you 100 Georgian lari (~€36) for A category visibility and 90 Georgian lari (~€32) for B category seating. Those seats are located near the middle of the court in the second deck in the first several rows.

Group B - Cologne, Germany

Basics first. Contrary to Group A, basketball fans have to register with the ticket provider ( in order to purchase the tickets. Also contrary to the Georgia-hosted group, all taxes and additional fees are already included in the price.

There are two ways of purchasing the tickets - you either pick a ticket category and the system picks the best seats for you according to the number of tickets you want to buy, or you pick the seats yourself from the arena map.

Venue tickets, which include all matches in Cologne, and team tickets, which include all games of any one team of the group, were offered before the tournament but both packages are fully sold out now.

The only packages that remain are day tickets, which include both sessions of each day. Group host, Germany, plays its matches either first (14:30 local) or last (20:30 local) but it's always treated as a separate session in the system.

Contrary to Group A, ticket prices are exactly the same regardless of the session. As a result, basketball fans are expected to pay the same price to watch two matches during the other session of the day as for the one match where the home team is scheduled to battle.

Group B ticket prices
Group B ticket prices

All tickets are split into six categories - VIP, and categories one through five. Contrary to Group A, tickets of the same category can be found both in the lower deck and in the upper deck.

However, there are some days when the most attentive can save some money. For example, day tickets for September 6th and September 7th cost €49, while you would pay at least €58 if you purchased the tickets to each session separately.

It is not true about the other days though. Day tickets for September 1st and September 4th either save you a single euro or don't save you any money at all. Day tickets for September 3rd are sold out with the cheapest tickets to Germany-Bosnia and Herzegovina match going at €39, while only VIP tickets (€169) are available for the night session.

The venue offers a family pack for tickets from categories three through five. If you choose to select such an option, the system selects four tickets for you which are around 20% cheaper than selecting each of them individually. The deal is only valid for session tickets.

Group C - Milan, Italy

Although hosted by a different company (, the entire interface and the process of purchasing tickets to Group C matches are entirely the same as with Group B.

As with Group B, basketball fans have to register in the system first. There are two ways of purchasing tickets - either the website picks the best seats according to price category for you, or you pick individual seats from the seat map. Contrary to Group B, there is an added service fee ranging from €2.80 to €6.80 with the purchase of each ticket.

No venue tickets were offered for Group C matches. As with Group B, team packages were offered. Interestingly, all of them are sold out except the Follow Italy pack. The home team package can still be purchased with prices starting at €160.

All tickets are split into four categories, ranging from the priciest (Category 1) to the cheapest (Category 2). All day tickets start at €60, all session tickets start at €35. Consequently, the savings while purchasing the day pack are much more obvious compared to Group B.

Group C ticket prices
Group C ticket prices

Category 4 tickets are exclusively upper-deck, Category 3 tickets can be found at both levels of the Mediolanum Forum, while Category 1 and 2 tickets are purely lower-deck.

Italy always plays last in the group with all its matches starting at 21:00 local time, while the other teams play in the day session each time. All tickets for Italy's match against Giannis Antetokounmpo-led Greece on September 3rd are sold out. Day tickets for the day are also sold out. Fans can only buy tickets to the day session on September 3rd.

Similarly to Group B, tickets to Italy's matches are more expensive. While the prices of Categories 3 and 4 stay the same, they rise by an average of 10% for Categories 1 and 2 with fans only getting one match instead of two.

There is an active promotion running for children under the age of 14 as of the start day of EuroBasket 2022, i.e. all kids born after 31/08/2008. All such tickets are around 30% cheaper. The discount only applies to tickets from categories two, three, and four.

Group D - Prague, Czech Republic

Compared to the three other groups, the pricing scheme and the process of purchasing tickets for Group D matches is the most simple.

As with Group A, tickets can be purchased either with or without registration on the system (, and an electronic ticket processing fee of 5 Czech koruna is added on top of every ticket.

No venue tickets, no day tickets, no team tickets, and even no session tickets are offered with no discount packages in place. Only individual match tickets can be purchased with prices being the exact same for all games regardless of whether the Czech Republic plays or not.

Fans have to pick every ticket and every seat themselves from a seat map of the arena. Interestingly, fans cannot choose their seat entirely freely. While selecting the places, customers have to choose the leftmost or the rightmost seats in any section in order to not leave gaps within the rows.

All tickets are separated into four categories. Category 1 tickets (1490 koruna, ~€61) are the most expensive and offer the best seats in town while Category 4 tickets (490 koruna, ~€20) are exclusively in the upper deck of the O2 Arena. 

Only one match is fully sold out at the moment - the home team's clash against Nikola Jokic's Serbia.

Playoffs - Berlin, Germany

Playoff ticketing is hosted by the same platform that offers Group B tickets - As with the group stage, all taxes and additional fees are already included in the price, and either the system picks the best seats for you according to the price category (1-5) or you pick individual seats yourself.

Since the playoff teams are not clear, there are no team packages being offered. Instead, venue tickets (6 days, 11 sessions) and weekend tickets (semifinals and finals, 3 sessions) are up for purchase.

The cheapest packages for Categories 4 and 5 are already sold out for both venue and weekend tickets. There are no Category 1 venue tickets left as well. Now, the least basketball fans will have to pay for the ability to watch all playoff games is €779, while the tickets to the four final matches cost €359.

Additionally, day tickets are being sold where basketball fans can find some good deals. For example, day tickets to both quarterfinal days (September 13th and September 14th) sell at only €49 each - the same as during the group phase. If purchased individually, the tickets would cost at least €58.

Playoff ticket prices
Playoff ticket prices

Interestingly, tickets for the Top 16 matches are more expensive. September 11th day tickets start at €69, while September 10th tickets can be purchased for at least €119.

It seems like fans are currently the most interested in attending the first day of the playoffs. Only Category 4 or better tickets are available for the first session of September 10th and only Category 3 or better tickets are available for the night session.

If you want to watch only the semifinal matches, purchasing a day ticket starting at €179 (Category 3) can be your best choice as buying the tickets separately would cost you at least €19 more. Similarly, the weekend ticket saves you €28.

All Category 4 and Category 5 tickets are sold out for the final day of the tournament.

As with the group stage, family packs for tickets from categories three through five are offered, allowing to save around 20% of the price. The deal is only valid for session tickets.

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