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Polish basketball recently has been lifted up by Jeremy Sochan who went ninth overall in this year's NBA draft and delivered big hopes to the local fans. However, the national team matters were shaken up by brothers Mateusz and Marcel Ponitka's conflict.

Marcel Ponitka

Marcel  Ponitka
Position: PG, SG
Age: 24
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Birth place: Poland

"I have a conflict with brother Marcel, but I won't go into details here. Regarding us both in the national team, a coach decides who is on the court," Mateusz told TVP Sport in March.

Only Mateusz Ponitka was included in the Polish preliminary roster for EuroBasket 2022. Reacting to such a decision, Mateusz's younger brother Marcel opened up about the case in the latest interview with Jakub Klyszejko of TVP Sport.

"Mateusz does not accept me in the squad and he does not see any possibility to work with me on the success of the national team," said a new Zaragoza player.

Asked if Marcel has found out the reasons why he wasn't selected for the NT, the 24-year-old gave the following answer: "No, but I guess the reason was the lack of acceptance of me by the team captain [Mateusz Ponitka], who sets conditions in this matter."

Although the start of the conflict hides somewhere in the shadow, it's clear that the two don't get along well.

"I do not feel guilty about this whole situation and I do not understand why Mateusz discredits me at all costs and stands in the way of my career. I have nothing to hide.

If Mateusz feels any anger toward me, it is enough to sit down to a male conversation, and not play out his private affairs at the expense of me," Marcel Ponitka added about the brothers' clash.

Last but not least, Marcel confirmed he would be ready to be on the same team as his brother if he had a chance.

"Yes, of course. I have always talked about it openly, and the coach and the federation know it very well. I am patiently waiting for the promised meeting, which the captain avoids.

I would like Mateusz to be a true professional and clarify the situation. It would be benefiting the entire basketball community and would cut off speculation once and for all," Marcel concluded.

For his part, the Polish national team's head coach Igor Milicic commented on the Ponitka brothers case last November. 

When asked if Mateusz and Marcel would play together, the coach did not hesitate regarding the older brother.

"Mateusz will definitely be in the squad. Marcel has to fight for his place on the team. If he deserves it, he will play. I expect that," Milicic told

Polish preliminary roster for EuroBasket 2022:

  • Lukasz Kolenda
  • Jakub Schenk
  • AJ Slaughter
  • Jakub Garbacz
  • Filip Matczak
  • Michal Michalak
  • Michal Kolenda
  • Mateusz Ponitka
  • Michal Sokolowski
  • Aaron Cel
  • Jakub Coulibaly
  • Jeremy Sochan
  • Jaroslaw Zyskowski
  • Aleksander Balcerowski
  • Aleksander Dziewa
  • Dominik Olejniczak
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