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The new addition of the Boston Celtics, Danilo Gallinari talked about the new coach of the Italian national team Gianmarco Pozzecco, the national team's ambitions for the next EuroBasket, and what awaits him in Boston this fall, in an interview on his birthday (August 8) with Sky Sport.

"I always celebrate my birthday with the national team. Luckily coach Pozzecco once again gave the day off and we were free to celebrate by playing golf," Gallinari revealed.

The 34-year-old says he has no particular fears for the friendly match against France in a few days - the first test of approaching the continental competition, and that he is satisfied with how things are going in these first days of work.

"The preparation is going well. We started a few days ago, but we still have a few weeks to remove the rust and be ready for the EuroBasket," said Gallinari.

"I must say we started with very intense training," added the Italian forward.

"We must be good at assimilating everything before the start of the EuroBasket. The Poz [Pozzecco], in addition to understanding a lot about basketball, also manages to communicate his ideas well," the Italian forward spoke highly about the coach.

The veteran was careful when asked about expectations for the Italian team in the upcoming EuroBasket.

"There are many very strong teams, with many NBA players. We will have to do that extra something that maybe they do not expect from us," said Gallinari.

"But a group like ours has already done that in the past and we can try again," said the 34-year-old.

Gallinari had much more clear goals for the upcoming season in the NBA, where he signed with the Celtics.

"The goal is the ring with Boston, despite the 14 years I have played in the United States, I am still excited for this new chapter of my career," said the forward.

"As long as there is that feeling, I don't want to stop. At the Celtics there are certainly many responsibilities and expectations, however, the young people in Boston already have experience and have shown it," said the veteran player.

"Playing at home with that audience is a great advantage. I have already spoken with many new teammates and with the staff: they can't wait to start over, there is great enthusiasm," Gallinari revealed.

"I stay focused on the blue jersey, then I'll start thinking about the Celtics," the Italian forward concluded.

The Italian national team will face France in the first summer friendly Friday, 12 August at Unipol Arena.

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