The no. 1 overall pick of the 2022 NBA Draft Paolo Banchero and the Atlanta Hawks new point guard Dejounte Murray both were on the opposing sides of the court last night.

Paolo Banchero

Paolo  Banchero
Position: PF
Age: 19
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Birth place: United States of America

Both NBA players appeared in Isaiah Thomas' Zeke-End pro-am tournament where a beef began between the two men.

After Murray outplayed Banchero in an episode that ended in a thunderous dunk, he threw the ball violently at the NBA rookie. There were other episodes during the match when the two players collided with each other.

Later that evening, both Murray and Banchero took to social media to explain their point of view about the situation.

"Unfollowed me on the [Insta]gram and everything, it must be personal, huh? That's fine, just make sure you guard up next and stop sending doubles family," Banchero wrote on an Instagram story.

Dejounte quickly responded in his Instagram story as well.

"You tried to flex that #1 pick on me when I've been rooting for you when you were a kid asking to rebound for me," he wrote. "You changed from the humble kid you always were. You've made it and changed, and I lost all respect.

"Stay humble, this life you're in now is real. I still want to see you win because that's who I am," Murray ended his statement.

The last words belonged to Banchero, though.

"Same humble hid, always vouched for you, don't switch the narrative for the internet," the forward wrote as a response. "Shoutout IT though for a great event."

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