Credit: USA Sports Today, AFP-Scanpix
Credit USA Sports Today, AFP-Scanpix

NBA analyst and former player Shaquille O'Neal was asked his opinion on Kevin Durant trade request and didn't hesitate to criticize the current superstar.

Kevin Durant

Kevin  Durant
Position: SF
Age: 33
Height: 211 cm
Weight: 107 kg
Birth place: Washington, United States of America

"When you put a house together, you should live in it," Shaq said on the Rich Eisen Show. "You, as a leader, should make it work, but you don't want to make it work, I guess…You know he's probably trying to get to a contender. It's easier that way."

It's not the first time Durant gets criticized for his decision to leave the Brooklyn. Charles Barkley also gave his insight earlier.

"Before KD gets that great respect from all the "old heads," he's going to have to win a championship as the 'bus driver,' Barkley said in June. "He joined that team that already won a championship, no disrespect, that's just a fact."

Brooklyn Nets superstar called out Barkley on Twitter, calling his comments a terrible analogy and calling Barkley a "hatin' old head".

"All this sh*t is nasty, another terrible analogy from a hatin' old head that can't accept that we making more bread than them," Durant wrote in response. "It's just timing, Chucky, don't hate the playa."

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