The future of LeBron James looms large for the Los Angeles Lakers franchise.

LeBron James

LeBron  James
Position: SF
Age: 37
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Birth place: Akron, United States of America

James will soon be eligible to sign an extension with the Lakers on Aug. 4 and many are questioning whether he will do so if he doesn't feel they are true championship contenders, especially after the purple-and-gold team was eliminated from playoff contention with a roster that did not jell. 

However, according to insider Marc Stein, LeBron is happy in Southern California despite the recent Lakers' struggles.

"Sources briefed on the matter stress that James is extremely happy in Los Angeles despite the Lakers' back-to-back rocky seasons. He and his family, by all accounts, have grown increasingly entrenched in Southern California since James signed with the Lakers in the summer of 2018," Stein wrote.

He further reports the only factor that could realistically push James from the Lakers is the opportunity to play on another team with his son, Bronny, when the younger James becomes draft eligible in 2024.

"The prevailing thinking in league circles holds that only the chance to play elsewhere alongside son Bronny James, who will be eligible for the 2024 draft and continues to develop as an NBA prospect, would spur LeBron to push for an L.A. exit."

Since joining the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018, the 37-year-old James has won the NBA championship once (2020) and has missed the playoffs twice.

The four-time MVP and 18-time NBA All-Star averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists, shooting close to an efficient 53% from the field last season.

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