Pablo Laso held a press conference where he gave updates regarding his health, also talked about Real Madrid, the Spanish national team, and opportunities to coach other clubs. 

Free throws this season

Points made: 11,3
Accuracy: 76,5%
Place in standings: 13
Record max: 22
Record min: 4
Most made FTs: Walter Tavares

"I am fine, I have no consequences. It was a 'little heart attack' as a doctor told me. My heart is perfect," the Spanish mastermind started, via

Laso has been a head coach of Real since 2011. During his long tenure in the Spanish capital, he won the EuroLeague title twice in 2015 and 2018 and navigated the squad to six Spanish league trophies, six Spanish Cups, and six Spanish Super Cups.

"After 11 years at Real Madrid, I have to be grateful to the club, the president, the board of directors, and the fans. Also to the people who have worked with me over the years, staff, and players. To me, they are friends. It has been a privilege," he stressed.

Then Laso went on to the hottest topic and spoke about his dismissal from the Royal club.

"I was excited about having a great last season, but what really saddens me is that Laso isn't going to coach Real Madrid next campaign.

When they told me that I was not going to train the first team, we just reached an agreement to leave. I don't know if relying on medical reports different from mine is the reason or not. I trust my medical reports about my health," Laso said.

The Spanish media asked the specialist if he thinks Madrid's decision was made before the medical reports.

"It's a question for Madrid, but they preferred not to talk about it. I have always had the feeling that when I was giving my best they were still doubting me. The statement is a medical decision and is what I believe was the reason."

Later, Pablo Laso discussed his relationship with Madrid's director of the basketball section Juan Carlos Sanchez.

"Nobody gets along 100% well with their boss. Nobody does. Within a basketball team, whether you like it or not, you have to look back and notice that Real's productivity has been huge: 22 titles," Laso commented.

"I don't have enemies, because of the way I am," he added.

As stated by the 54-year-old, he is now waiting for an opportunity to take over a promising project.

"I'm not rushing to coach a team. Do I want to coach? Yes, but I'm not going to train for training. I have to get excited about the project or the things I do.

Nevertheless, my first priority is health. If I have an important game tomorrow but there is a risk to my health, I will not be available for it and my wife wouldn't allow me to do dangerous things," Laso underlined.

How about the Spanish national team?

"The national team has a great coach and a great structure throughout the Federation. If I would like to coach it one day? It's a question. Sergio Scariolo is a top-class strategist."

Last but not least, Laso touched on the heartwarming comments by Walter Tavares and Luka Doncic about him.

"I am very proud of what the players have said because they not only value me as a coach but as a person. It's great that Tavares and Doncic are people, who appreciate me."

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