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The EuroLeague teams are entering the free agency looking for ideas to bolster their squads for the 2022-23 campaign.

Jaron Blossomgame

Jaron  Blossomgame
Team: Ratiopharm Ulm
Position: SF
Age: 28
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Birth place: Georgia, United States of America

Budget limitations or potential targets under contracts force teams to be creative in the market, looking for talent outside the EuroLeague.

There are at least a few borderline EuroLeague players who could make an impact in the strongest competition in Europe.

On the recent URBONUS podcast, former EuroCup champion, MVP, and the top scorer Errick McCollum shared his Top 5 EuroCup signing ideas for the EuroLeague clubs.

Johnathan Motley

Credit GettyImages
Johnathan Motley 27 YRS | 2.06 M | C/PF | Lokomotiv
EuroCup stats 21.2 PPG | 7 RPG | 3.3 ORB | 1.3 APG | 1.1 BLK | 23.9 PIR
Market situation Had a lucrative offer from China. Reportedly has signed with Fenerbahce.

Errick McCollum: "Clear, an easy one. Even the blind can see this. 

This is the guy who can dominate interior and post. Has a good face-up game. Versatile big man. It's like a more athletic Kyle Hines when it comes to getting the ball off the rebound and pushing into transition.

He is not the defensive player like Kyle Hines is, but he can guard one through five, and he's much more offensive. 

Can dominate the glass and dunk everything. He's just a nightmare for bigs. Can step out, shoot the three, and play some four.

He'll be the fringe NBA. Probably get a monster deal in China or a big deal in the EuroLeague team. It just depends on what he wants to do with his career. But he can be a star.

He checks all of these boxes. There are a lot of teams that I saw who could use his services."

Jaron Blossomgame

Credit Imago Images - Scanpix
Jaron Blossomgame 28 YRS | 1.98 M | F | Ulm
EuroCup stats 16.2 PPG | 3FG: 41.9% |  7.6 RPG | 1.3 APG | 19.8 PIR
Market situation Per BasketNews sources, Blossomgame is finalizing an agreement with AS Monaco.

Errick McCollum: "I really like him! This is the guy who can shoot the three. He's physical, strong, and can guard multiple positions.

You can put him as a three-man. You can put him as a four. But he can guard one through four.

You saw the performance he put on during the EuroCup playoffs. He was not afraid of the moment. He's the guy whose game I like. Very talented player.

He's a clear EuroLeague talent. It's a steal for Monaco."

Caleb Homesley

Credit imago images/Eibner/Scanpix
Caleb Homesley 25 YRS | 1.98 M | SG/SF | Hamburg
EuroCup stats 17.4 PPG | 3FG: 38.8% | 3.5 RPG | 4.3 APG | 16.4 PIR
Market situation Working out for several NBA teams. Has solid EuroLeague interest. Not in a rush to commit.

Errick McCollum: "The EuroLeague talent with the NBA skillset. He's special.

He can really shoot the ball. He can pass and play the pick and roll.

I was extremely impressed with him and the things he did in Hamburg.

I think some teams tried to buy him out in the middle of the year, but Hamburg refused. I will be shocked if he's not in the EuroLeague next year."

Darius Thompson

Credit Imago Images-Scanpix
Darius Thompson 27 YRS | 1.92 M | G | Lokomotiv
EuroCup stats 13.2 PPG | 3 RPG | 5.8 AST | 1.7 STL | 17.2 PIR
Market situation Under contract with Lokomotiv for one more season. On EuroLeague and EuroCup teams' list.

Errick McCollum: "He has that Wade Baldwin size. He brings some versatility. Extremely athletic, pass-first guard.

He's that guy who likes to live in the paint, drive and create for his teammates.

If you force him in a position where he has to shoot it, he will shoot. The guy who likes to get his team involved. Showed his ability to hit the spot-up shot.

He can run the team. Excellent in transition. He's continuing to develop showing pick-and-roll skills.

He just showed his versatility. Can guard one through four. Often time we switched with him.

I think we really saw him start to blossom in the EuroCup this year. To me, the best EuroCup point guard is either him or Justin Cobbs. 

He should be on the EuroLeague radar. He's the guy that I think should be at teams that are ranked from 9 to 15. He can be a guard that could really do something for them.

He would be perfect with Itoudis because Itoudis likes taller guards and likes to switch with them. Itoudis can tutor along the way and help his game develop, as you've seen him do with some players.

When Itoudis took Cory Higgins, people were questioning this signing because they probably didn't expect that coming from Gaziantep. But Cory Higgins became one of the better guards in the EuroLeague."

Will Cummings

Credit imago images/PanoramiC-Scanpix
Will Cummings 29 YRS | 1.87 M | G | Metropolitans 92
EuroCup stats 17.8 PPG | 3FG: 41.1% | 3.5 RPG | 4.6 APG | 1.4 SPG | 21.1 PIR
Market situation Targeted by high-level EuroCup teams, considered by the EuroLeague clubs.

Errick McCollum: "I think the guy who had a breakthrough year was Will Cummings. He's a smaller guard but a fast, quick, crafty finisher. 

He improved his jump shot. I think that's what really hurt him earlier in his career.

It's hard to be a slasher at six foot, and you have to have some balance to your game. You started to see him hit some threes off the dribble this year. Come off the screen. You saw his pick and roll game improved. He became a better facilitator. 

I think all he was missing was the consistent jump shot and the ability to facilitate. Often, if you want to score and be efficient, you have to be able to pass the ball. I'm not saying you need to be a Steve Nash or a guy who's getting 8-9 assists. 

But if you're the guy who can get four or five assists and create some easy shots for your teammates, it keeps the defense honest and prevents them from bringing all the defensive attention to you. And if they do to you, you have to have an ability that you may not score that night, but you can get 10 or 11 assists and control the game there.

He's the guy who has not yet played at the EuroLeague level. He'll be the guy who's probably on a high-level EuroCup team or low-level EuroLeague team. 

He will have to improve defensively and continue to fight because there will be some mismatches because of the size they will try to post him. Once you show some toughness and ability to guard the post, EuroLeague teams won't test you then. But you have to show it early."

Watch the entire URBONUS episode:

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