Credit: BasketNews illustration | A.Zaikauskas
Credit BasketNews illustration | A.Zaikauskas

Winning the title after a draining 10-month season is the ultimate goal for most basketball players in Europe. But it's also a pleasant way to earn extra money for their teams.

BasketNews researched the Top 9 major domestic leagues in Europe and the trophy-winning bonuses their champions receive.

The size of bonuses varies from competition to competition. Only a few leagues have an obvious prize to play for. But in most cases, the league rewards teams evenly from the money generated from TV deals and sponsorships.

The Spanish basketball league is by far the most profitable in Europe.

Since 2015, the Liga Endesa has doubled its income that skyrocketed above 30 million euros. It also had a significant impact on the revenue distribution among the all Spanish league teams.

The Liga Endesa winners receive a slightly higher percentage of the income than other teams, which is around €900k (prize money and revenue share combined), per BasketNews sources.

The largest chunk of revenue in Spain comes from TV rights. Per, in the 2019-20 season, total TV revenues reached €13.1M, up from €4.5M in the 2014-15 season.

That was the highest growth among all the Liga Endesa financial categories. 

The Greek basketball league also has a wealthy TV deal with the state television ERT.

In Greece, bonuses are paid based on final league standings and TV ratings.

So the top Greek teams, Olympiacos Piraeus and Panathinaikos Athens, receive up to €1M, per BasketNews sources. Others get around €500k in total and less.

The title bonus is worth around an extra €100k, sources tell BasketNews.

In Turkey, all teams get their share based on their season's final ranking. According to BasketNews sources, the Turkish league winners receive approximately €400k for the entire season.

For comparison, eleven Lithuanian basketball league teams shared a record €554.5k pool in bonuses based on the classification in the standings and the number of wins. The newly crowned LKL champion Rytas Vilnius landed €76.5k.

The Israeli league playoff teams get a bonus based on their final ranking, from €110k for the first place to €35k for 6-8 places, according to BasketNews information.

But regardless of the position in the standings, each of the twelve Winner League teams gets €600k. The Winner League received over €10M in sponsorships and TV rights.

Half of the major domestic leagues, including Germany, Italy, France, and the Adriatic league, do not have an extra financial incentive to end the season on a high.

German and Italian leagues have an evenly distributed pot between all teams.

For instance, German clubs receive around €250k each (18 teams). Italian teams share half as much revenue as Germans (up to €125k for 16 teams).

Adriatic and French leagues neither hand bonuses nor share revenues between the participants.

It was a different case in France before, but their huge TV deal collapsed a couple of years ago, costing them millions.

League Title bonus Earnings from the league
Spain €0k The winner gets around €900k, slightly higher than the rest teams 
Greece 100k PAO and OLY get up to €1M each, the rest based on final standings
Israel 110k Playoff teams get bonuses + each team receives around €600k
Turkey €0k The winners get around €400k, the pot is distributed based on the final standings
Lithuania 76k Teams shared a record €554.5k pool based on final standings
Germany 0 Each team gets around €250k
Italy 0 Each team gets around €125k
ABA 0 0
France 0 0

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