Credit: EuroLeague Basketball via GettyImages
Credit EuroLeague Basketball via GettyImages

Vasilije Micic is on a mission in Belgrade. But Anadolu Efes point guard's game-winner in the semifinal drama again kept us wondering how long the EuroLeague fans will enjoy his talent in Europe.

Vasilije Micic

Vasilije  Micic
Team: Anadolu Efes Istanbul
Position: PG, SG
Age: 28
Height: 195 cm
Weight: 92 kg
Birth place: Kraljevo, Serbia

When a 28-year-old Serbian hit the shot of his dreams to lift his team to the EuroLeague final, the first thing he did was just fall on the Stark arena floor.

"There was nothing on my body. I just felt calm and couldn't control my steps," Micic ran through this unforgettable moment.

"I've just lied down. They almost killed me," Micic smiled, recalling his teammates, who jumped on him after the buzzer. "But they had a reason to celebrate with me." 

Per Micic, that was a bizarre feeling, which is hard to explain until you don't make shots like this.

Sasha Vezenkov showed up with the best defensive coverage he could. Micic went off for an off-balance contested shot. But the ball still went in.

Micic experienced almost everything Europe could offer him in the past few years.

A last year's EuroLeague season and Final Four MVP is moving towards his second consecutive title, putting him among the EuroLeague greatest.

If he will finish another EuroLeague campaign on a winning note on Saturday, is there still anything to prove and experience for Vasilije Micic in Europe?

"I'm in a situation where I have two more years of the contract no matter what happens. But of course, I like to look at all kinds of challenges. If this option comes out, I would be ready to risk," Micic confirmed BasketNews.

The Oklahoma City Thunder, who finished the 14th in the Western Conference, holds his draft rights.

In an interview with BasketNews in February, Micic's agent Misko Raznatovic said that in the upcoming summer, his client would have much more possibilities to go to the NBA than last year.

"Because now the timing is right. I know that they like him, and he will try to find the solution when the time comes," Raznatovic said on the Urbonus podcast.

Micic stays away from his future projections. He always preferred something concrete.

"This is the rumors, something which is not official, so I don't like to talk and think about it because I have obvious things to do. Which is my season and my goals that I want to reach and succeed," Micic didn't speculate on his future.

"But besides that, I really believe he (Raznatovic) is also trying to make it happen. Because as you mentioned, in my situation, there are not many cases to do over there. But still, I look for the happiness and the situation where I feel happy."

"At the end of the day, it's not important what kind of jerseys I wear. It's all about feeling happy," Micic concluded.

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Vasilije Micic

Vasilije  Micic
Vasilije  Micic
MIN: 29.96
PTS: 18.06 (55.94%)
REB: 2.73
As: 4.73
ST: 1.12
BL: 0.03
TO: 2.85
GM: 33