Credit: Zuma Press – Scanpix
Credit Zuma Press – Scanpix

One of the essential pieces of the last year's Anadolu Efes title run, Krunoslav Simon, won't be able to help to retain the title on the court. Apparently, he played his last game for Anadolu Efes.

Krunoslav Simon

Krunoslav  Simon
Krunoslav  Simon
MIN: 21.18
PTS: 6.85 (48.72%)
REB: 2.81
As: 2.56
ST: 0.48
BL: 0.11
TO: 1.37
GM: 27

A 36-year-old Croatian confirmed to BasketNews that he injured his knee in the last practice before Belgrade and won't be able to return to the floor this season.

"I'm out for the season. This is the late part of the season, so it's impossible to come back in less than one month," Simon confirmed.

"It was a season with lots of ups and downs. We had a lot of problems. I had a lot of problems. I wasn't injured for 19 years, so all these injuries came in the same year," Simon, who averaged 6.9 points this year, told BasketNews.

"I found myself in this situation for the first time. It's uncomfortable, but it's sports. You have to be prepared for that. I'm here to support my team to help win the title," Simon added.

Simon, who's on an expiring contract, also confirmed he's returning home after this season.

"It's 90% that I will be back home after this season," Simon said to BasketNews.

"I'm homesick, and my kids will start school. Even after these injuries, I think I have a few more years, and I will continue to play. It's too early to say where, but I think I will play a few more years," Kruno explained.

According to BasketNews sources, Cibona Zagreb is one of the likely career destinations for Simon.

The veteran also confirmed that he's not thinking about coaching after his career.

"This is not my ambition. I don't want to continue with all these trips and the life I'm going through now. I hope I will stay in sports, but not in a coaching position," Simon added.

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Petar Naumoski
Now, this is a guy we should send with a proper farewell. Well done Simon, thank you for that massive 3 in the Real series and so many other brilliant plays over your entire stint with Efes.
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