Credit: Fernando Miguel/
Credit Fernando Miguel/

The meeting between Hereda San Pablo Burgos and Urbas Fuenlabrada had just ended at the Coliseum. The team from Madrid had prevailed by 83-66, ratifying its presence in the Liga Endesa for one more season and, in turn, forced Burgos to the LEB Oro, the country's second division. 

Burgos stayed in the ACB for five seasons, during which they also won two Basketball Champions League trophies in 2020 and 2021. 

However, when everything was over, the stage didn't belong to the players or to the team's fans but to the club's president, Felix Sancho, who had taken the court before the final buzzer.

As if the moment wasn't intense enough, with fans crying and being devasted about their team's fall from grace, Sancho surprised everyone by kneeling down and forcing Burgos players to do the same as a sign of apology to the fans. 

The players, oscillating between the surprised and the bewildered, could hardly believe their eyes, but they still complied with Sancho's order and bent down for almost a minute. 

The incident provoked rather unflattering comments on social media, with some fans calling it a disgrace.

"I'll never regret coming here. This is a big project," coach Paco Olmos said after the game. "We are a young club that has lived on success and championships. The moment of suffering has been hard. We have a legacy - our fans and our gym."

Team captain, Xavi Rabaseda, extended his apologies to all the fans and the people of Burgos.

"We haven't played according to expectations all year long, in any game," he added.

"We have missed a lot of opportunities to prevent this from happening. The players are very much to blame for what has happened."

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