The president of the Spanish Basketball Federation Jorge Garbajosa assured that there would be no conflict for the coach Sergio Scariolo between the windows with Spanish National Team and with Virtus Bologna in the EuroLeague.

Jorge Garbajosa

Jorge  Garbajosa
Position: PF, SF
Age: 44
Height: 206 cm
Weight: 111 kg
Birth place: Madrid, Spain

First of all, Garbajosa in his interview praised Scariolo for winning the EuroCup.

"I sent him a message last night because it was their day to celebrate. It's just so good. Despite the fact that the club is coming back from what it was in a big way, with an important economic investment," told Garbajosa. "But then you have to coach it. And when you don't have a team with so much talent it's because you don't have it, but when you have it you have to know how to manage it internally. And Sergio is a master at that. I'm very happy for the club, because it's a club I've always admired, and of course for our national team's coach," he added.

Garbajosa was asked by the media if there would be a constraint for Scariolo to continue as a national team's coach because he will participate in the EuroLeague and it coincides with the windows.

"Sergio has always been clear about it and when he was in the NBA he was also clear that he has a contract with the national team. And more than a contract, he has a commitment. When he started the negotiations with Virtus they were informed of all the details and we are very calm," stated Garbajosa.

When Jorge Garbajosa was asked what it feels like to be the president of the Spanish Basketball Federation having a team winning the Champions League, a coach winning the EuroCup, and two other teams in the EuroLeague Final Four, the legendary player said that he felt very proud.

"I take a lot of pride in myself, in Federation's team, in the Spanish clubs," Garbajosa stated. "The fact is that Spanish basketball is at the highest level in the world. We are talking about our national teams being second in the world only after the United States, both in men's and women's basketball. We are talking about two clubs in the Final Four, the EuroCup champion's coach, two Champions League finalists. We talk about coaches all over the world, about referees in the best international competitions."

Talking about EuroLeague's Final Four, Garbajosa said that in his opinion teams are very equal and that he was very excited about a semifinal between two Spanish teams.

"I see the Final Four very evenly matched. I see an exciting semifinal between two Spanish teams. The pity is that one of them is going to miss the final, but the good thing is that we have a guarantee that one of them will be there. This year's calendar has not been just overloaded, but it has been crazy. Madrid have gone through a brutal play period, then they had a bump, and now they're better. It greatly influences how they feel the day before the first game," Garbajosa concluded.

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