Credit: Ostoja Mijailovic twitter page
Credit Ostoja Mijailovic twitter page

Andrea Trinchieri, the current head coach of Bayern Munich, coached Partizan Belgrade from 2018 to 2020. He did a good job with the Serbian club but since his departure from the team, the relationship between him and Partizan's president Ostoja Mijailovic became tense. 

The Italian head coach recently said that he has great memories of Partizan and that he feels like he has the club logo 'tattoed on his heart'. 

But Mijailovic doesn't believe in coach Trinchieri's love for the club and he made it pretty clear in an interview with Blic. 

"I wondered for a moment if that tattoo faded when, for example, he recruited Ognjen Jaramaz to Bayern Munich when he had a valid contract with Partizan Belgrade at a time when the club was fighting for survival", Partizan Belgrade president explained. 

"I think that everything that was said by him was false", Mijailovic added. "Recruiting the most important player of our team when the club is fighting for its own survival, we were living our most difficult moment, probably since the founding of the club, and he took advantage of that". 

Mijailovic also added that during the 2019-2020 season, when Trinchieri was still the coach of Partizan, he had reached certain agreements with the coach who then betrayed those promises. 

"During the Covid season, the club signed a long-term contract with all the players at the request of the coach, and even the coach had a guaranteed contract", Mijailovic explained.

"When the government decided to have all the games behind closed doors, we offered all the players a temporary reduction of the salaries between 10 and 20%, and then if we would have got a spot in the Euroleague, we would have rewarded them with a 30% bonus based on their original salary. The coach shook my hand and told me it was the correct decision, so I thought we had an agreement. Of course, it was just a fake move, they asked for a little time to leave the club and go to another team". 

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