Credit: Panagiotis Moschandreou, Rodolfo Molina - Getty Images, ACB | BasketNews iliustracija/A.Zaikauskas
Credit Panagiotis Moschandreou, Rodolfo Molina - Getty Images, ACB | BasketNews iliustracija/A.Zaikauskas

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague is approaching the playoffs stage, which means not only the culmination of the season but also the GMs' preparation for the upcoming summer.

Josh Nebo

Josh  Nebo
Josh  Nebo
MIN: 22.16
PTS: 8.3 (65.52%)
REB: 6.04
As: 0.48
ST: 0.7
BL: 0.83
TO: 1.13
GM: 23

In consultation with agents of excellent basketball market knowledge, BasketNews has selected European teams' players, raising their market price the most this year, and can expect significantly higher salaries in the upcoming summer.

The article focuses on the EuroLeague players, but you will also notice two basketball athletes not playing in the strongest European basketball league this year. However, they are the ones who attract much interest from the elite European clubs.

The text will include both the current monthly salaries of basketball players (there may be a 10-15% error) and the salaries they will target during the summer.

* Players' salaries are already after taxes.

** The situations of some players are treated hypothetically (as free agents), although some are tied to clubs for long-term contracts.

*** The list was drawn up before Russia started the war in Ukraine. The projected salaries are given according to the old market rules. Sanctions on Russian clubs will undoubtedly have an impact, but awaiting market trends are still difficult to predict.

Augustine Rubit

Credit D.Repečka/

Current monthly salary: €15,000

The biggest summer theft. We can call Bayern Munich's agreement with Rubit like this.

According to BasketNews sources, Rubit earned a bit over €500,000 in Zalgiris during the 2020-21 season. The Lithuanian champions had the opportunity to maintain the American big man for €350,000-400,000 per year, but Zalgiris decided to say goodbye to the 32-year-old.

Rubit, who parted ways with Zalgiris, wanted to stay in the EuroLeague, but the vast majority of clubs had already formed their front lines. Bayern used the opportunity and invited the American player for very little money.

John Brown

John  Brown
Team: UNIKS Kazan
Position: SF, PF
Age: 30
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Birth place: United States of America

Rubit returned to Germany as a major force. He became the main guy in Bayern's front line, playing in both positions. He is averaging 10.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 11.9 PIR over 24 minutes in the EuroLeague.

It is possible that Rubit will stay in Germany, but his monthly salary will be at least €40,000.

Expectations in summer: about €40,000-50,000

Oscar Da Silva

Credit BasketNews/D.Repečka

Current monthly salary: €16,000

ALBA Berlin signed the EuroLeague sensation a day before the start of the competition. Da Silva quickly adapted to the highest-level basketball, while many people raised their eyebrows, unable to explain the phenomenon.

Da Silva, who was averaging a double-digit number of PIR in the first eight EuroLeague rounds, later stopped and no longer plays such an important role in the ALBA rotation. However, the German powerhouse can still be proud of its move by signing a three-year contract with the rising player.

Via BasketNews sources, Bayern are monitoring the big man's situation. The potential move would increase the extremely limited number of local players on the Bayern roster.

The long-term but relatively small contract does not guarantee the keeping of the German sportsman, as Da Silva has at least doubled his value.

The 2.06-meter player with good physical characteristics and high basketball IQ is posting 8.3 points, 3 boards, and 9 PIR in 18 EuroLeague minutes.

Expectations in summer: about €30,000-40,000

Dzanan Musa

Credit ACB

Current monthly salary: €20,000-25,000

Unable to gain Ergin Ataman's trust, Musa decided to prove his worth to Europe in a different way. He transferred to the newly-promoted club of the top Spanish League - Rio Breogan.

Such a decision may have seemed risky - the club does not play in any international tournament, and the line-up did not look competitive before the season.

However, Musa, who plays the MVP-level season, keeps the squad close to the playoffs and has been wanted by several EuroLeague clubs during the current season.

In the Spanish ACB, Musa is registering the averages of 19.9 points, 5 rebounds, and 22.6 EFF. The Bosnian athlete collects impressive numbers with excellent shooting percentages. He shoots 55% from the 2-point zone and 42.3% from deep.

The NBA-caliber talent is only 22-years-old, but his abilities would allow him to be an elite scorer at the EuroLeague level right now.

There is no doubt that the unsuccessful stage in Anadolu Efes was more of Ataman's misunderstanding than Musa's problem.

The 2.05-meter Musa usually plays in the third position and has a clear height advantage against his opponents. Given the lack of solid small forwards in the EuroLeague, it is safe to say that the Bosnian agent's phone should heat up in the summer.

Expectations in summer: about €50,000-70,000

Chris Jones

Credit Regina Hoffmann/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

Current monthly salary: €23,000

Jones, who made his EuroLeague debut with Maccabi Playtika Tel Aviv jersey, left the image of an exceptional point guard because of his unconventional style of play.

In Villeurbanne, the American player has already proven to be an exceptional player for benefitting the team.

Jones formed a mighty backcourt duo with Elie Okobo at the start of the season, while ASVEL surprised Europe, becoming a much-respected rival. And if Okobo is pretty inconsistent, Jones keeps a steady form throughout the season, adding a solid defense to the good-looking numbers.

The averages of 13.5 points, 3.7 assists, and 15 PIR over 27 playing minutes prove why the point guard was on the radar of Sarunas Jasikevicius last summer, which may have seemed strange.

After such a season, ASVEL cannot expect to maintain Jones, who will raise his salary about three times.

Expectations in summer: among €60,000-80,000

Rokas Jokubaitis

Credit ZP - Scanpix

Current monthly salary: €25,000

Jokubaitis was not sure about the move from Kaunas but accepted FC Barcelona's offer as a career chance. However, the first year in Catalonia shows that a long-term contract was more beneficial for the club itself rather than the player.

According to the signed contract with Barca, Jokubaitis will earn up to €350,000 next season, and that is less money than the level he is showing.

The biggest Lithuanian basketball hope is averaging 7.8 points, 3 assists, and 8.5 PIR over 17 minutes in the EuroLeague. He is shooting phenomenally from the field, converting 58.6% of shots from the 2-point zone and 58% from beyond the arc.

The 21-year-old is the cheapest player in the Barcelona rotation this year. Next season he will make somewhere €100,000 more, but it is still not proportional to Jokubaitis' game.

Of course, no one is in a hurry to give away the million-dollar contracts to 21-year-old basketball players in Europe. According to the respondents, if Jokubaitis was a free agent after such a season, the new club could give him €40,000-50,000 monthly salary.

Expectations in summer: about €40,000-50,000

Devon Hall

Credit BasketNews/D.Repečka

Current monthly salary: €25,000-30,000

When players from the Basketball Champions League come to the EuroLeague, clubs usually have to wait for them for at least half a season. After that period, it is sometimes seen that the level is too high. Nothing like that happened to Hall.

The left-handed guard, who moved from Brose Bamberg to the Final Four squad, soon settled in Milan. Now, Armani Exchange can be happy about the decision to sign a player for two years.

If the 26-year-old guard was a free agent in the upcoming summer, he could confidently expect to get twice as much, even from the same Milan club.

The 1.96-meter American did not find his spot in the NBA, although he has a solid body. The 39.8% shooting from the 3-point zone is another huge advantage of his.

Hall is playing 26 minutes per EuroLeague game in a deep Ettore Messina's rotation. The guard is scoring 9.5 points, dishing 2 assists, and collecting 8.3 PIR on average.

Expectations in summer: about €60,000-70,000

Elie Okobo

Credit AFP - Scanpix

Current monthly salary: €25,000

Okobo, who started the season phenomenally, has become the biggest sensation in the EuroLeague, and his future is one of the brightest intrigues of the summer.

BasketNews respondents say it is an NBA-caliber player, while EuroLeague is too small of a pond for him. It is possible that Okobo will return to the NBA in the summer, where the first experience was not successful.

The 24-year-old has said he wants to have a long career in the NBA, but before returning to the strongest basketball league, he will seek to establish himself as one of the best players in the EuroLeague.

The start was unbelievable, and you wouldn't have come up with a better debut in the EuroLeague. However, now he's recovering from a shoulder injury.

It would seem logical to stay in the EuroLeague for another year, consolidating his skills in the Old Continent and then returning to the NBA, where Okobo has a lot of potential to have a successful career.

And there will certainly be no shortage of offers for Okobo in the summer. The strongest EuroLeague teams will be ready to pay him at least a million euros a year.

The European basketball jewel is averaging 15.8 points, 4 assists, and 14.4 PIR over 28 minutes in the EuroLeague debut season.

Expectations in summer: €100,000-150,000

Josh Nebo

Credit BNS

Current monthly salary: €25,000

Nebo's debut in the EuroLeague did not disappoint, allowing him to expect higher offers during the summer.

The big man has a contract extension option with Zalgiris, but according to BasketNews sources, Nebo's representatives are already receiving inquiries regarding his services. Therefore, there is a possibility that the center's contract will be bought out in the offseason.

It only took a few months for the EuroLeague to realize that Nebo is one of the highest-flying players in Europe. His quickness also allows Nebo to switch out against perimeter players on defense. Centers with these abilities are always in demand.

Nebo attracted the attention of multiple EuroLeague clubs last summer, not just Zalgiris. After his EuroLeague debut, it's easy to picture him playing in higher caliber clubs like Olympiacos, alongside Moustapha Fall, or Anadolu Efes that are ready to renew their frontline.

Granted, Nebo has limited abilities on offense, with the reading of the game being his biggest flaw. However, he can be even more effective alongside elite creators. Also, it's easy to forget that this is only Nebo's first season playing at this level, and the American can still improve.

The 24-year-old is averaging 8.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 12.7 PIR over 22 minutes this season in the EuroLeague.

Expectations in summer: €40,000-50,000

Johnathan Motley

Credit Imago Sports-Scanpix

Current monthly salary: €40,000

Motley is currently not a EuroLeague player, but there are talks that he is the biggest steal of last summer.

Before arriving in Krasnodar, Motley played in South Korea after unsuccessful attempts to lay a foundation in the NBA. However, he became the most dominant player in the EuroCup this year.

His stats in the second strongest international European competition were incredible: 21.2 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 24.0 PIR over 26 minutes of action.

According to BasketNews sources, every the most prominent European clubs are interested in signing Motley. However, there is also the possibility of him returning to the NBA. Scouts from overseas frequently followed the 26-year-old's play.

Barcelona and Anadolu Efes are the most frequently mentioned names among European teams interested in Motley. BasketNews sources say that a lot depends on whether Barcelona will extend Brandon Davies' contract.

If they do not, there is a good possibility that Davies would move to Efes while Motley would come to Barca.

All that is left is to wait for the summer and European basketball fans to hope that the Motley will remain in Europe - regardless of whether it would be Barcelona, Anadolu Efes, or another EuroLeague juggernaut that would bring him in.

Expectations in summer: €130,000-170,000

John Brown

Credit Roman Kruchinin/Euroleague Basketball via Getty Images

Current monthly salary: €40,000-60,000

It has been difficult to find out the exact amount Brown earns in Russia since multiple sources revealed different numbers. However, he is widely considered a player earning around half a million. 

The 30-year-old only made his EuroLeague debut this season but quickly introduced European fans to his unusual style of play, becoming one of the most fun players to watch.

Brown extended his contract with UNICS until the summer of 2024, but after Russia's war on Ukraine, there are little doubts about him departing from Kazan and returning to the market, where he will be a valued asset by EuroLeague giants.

The 2.03 m big man who can play at both frontcourt positions is admired by Sarunas Jasikevicius. This year, Brown played exceptionally well against Barcelona, averaging 20.5 points, 22.5 PIR, and adding a whopping 12 steals over two contests.

10.3 points, 4.8 rebounds, 2.8 steals, and 12.5 PIR in the EuroLeague are numbers that will indeed allow Brown to keep playing in the EuroLeague, despite the elimination of Russian teams.

Expectations in summer: €70,000-100,000

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