Credit: Twitter
Credit Twitter

Danish guard Gabriel 'Iffe' Lundberg announced through his social media profiles that he has returned to Denmark for the safety of his family. 

Free throws this season

Points made: 13,2
Accuracy: 81,2%
Place in standings: 6
Record max: 30
Record min: 2
Most made FTs: Will Clyburn

Lundberg, just like Toko Shengelia, has decided to leave CSKA Moscow temporarily due to the current war ongoing in Ukraine. 

The player stated in his social media post that he hopes everything can return to normal as soon as possible and he also used the hashtag #SayNoToWar. 

It's important to note that all the players that have decided to leave their Russian clubs so far, they're doing it without breaking their contracts but just as a precautionary measure to protect themselves and their families due to the current situation. 

CSKA Moscow officially confirmed that in addition to Shengelia and Lundberg, who have already left the team, also Marius Grigonis and Johannes Voigtmann are planning to do the same in the coming days. 

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