Nikola Jokic's agent Misko Raznatovic confirmed that his client is expected to sign a supermax extension with the Denver Nuggets in 2022 NBA free agency.

Free throws this season

Points made: 15,4
Accuracy: 79,0%
Place in standings: 27
Record max: 29
Record min: 5
Most made FTs: Nikola Jokic

"According to our expectations, it should be signed this summer. The extension of the maximum amount, what he obviously deserved," Raznatovic said on the URBONUS podcast.

Jokic became eligible for a supermax contract in 2022 or 2023 after winning the MVP award last summer.

Per Bobby Marks of ESPN, Jokic's supermax extension in 2022 is projected to be the largest contract in NBA history, a total of $241M (based on a salary cap of $121.5M).

The last time Jokic signed a 5-year, $148M extension with Nuggets in 2018, he just exchanged emails with his agent. This time, if everything goes according to plan, Misko Raznatovic would like to organize a big party.

"Luka Doncic organized a nice party for his last contract that put some kind of challenge primarily for me because I am very well known for organizing parties and participating in social life," Raznatovic smiled. "But knowing Nikola, probably nothing will happen, and everything will be the same. Just one piece of paper to be signed."

A story of how Raznatovic discovered Jokic reading the newspaper and how he helped him get in the spotlight was told a hundred million times.

Raznatovic was already considered a No. 1 agent in Europe, and Jokic was just another prospect on Misko's team Mega at first. But when Jokic emerged as a hidden gem, his success also introduced Misko to even more people in the United States.

But more than that, Raznatovic is happy that Jokic's cinderella story helped promote his basketball club Mega, which competes in the Adriatic (ABA) and Serbian leagues.

Since 2014, twelve Mega's players have been selected in the NBA draft.

"He helped me with the achievements he made. He did great stuff, and when people started to be interested in his life story, they found how we met in a very unusual way and how was his journey through Mega. Then people understood that my role was more than the agent," Raznatovic said.

"Nikola especially helped Mega because this is the club where he really grew up. We also had Vasilije Micic, who did absolutely the same. Both guys came in at the age of 16-17, and, you know, it was like a clear sign that it was a great club for the development of the young players."

"If you talk about some kind of the emotional side, you know, he made me the best agent because it's really rare that Serbian agent has the NBA MVP," Raznatovic added. "I was lucky that in the same year, I was also the agent of the Euroleague MVP. And I'm especially proud because I was really involved in creating a career of more than a regular agent."

Raznatovic, a basketball junkie, is also happy that he found a player that he can comfortably put next to the greatest in Europe of all time.

"I have never enjoyed watching any player after Drazen Petrovic as I enjoy Nikola Jokic game," Raznatovic smiled. "So when we put this all together, I can say that I was really in some way lucky that we found each other when Jokic was 17."

BasketNews invites you to watch or listen to the URBONUS podcast with Misko Raznatovic. He discusses the unfair NBA draft rights rules in Vasilije Micic's case and tells how he became the most influential agent in Europe.



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Nikola  Jokic
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