Credit: AP, USA Sports Today-Scanpix
Credit AP, USA Sports Today-Scanpix

Social media, smartphones, and other technologies are an inseparable part of our life nowadays, and apparently, NBA players are no exception.

Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr visited The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast in which he revealed how widespread technologies are among the players.

"These guys have their phones on their fingertips, they got criticism and judgment coming their way every single minute. When I do walk in at halftime of every game, every guy is on his phone," Kerr revealed.

"At halftime!?" Stewart asked in shock.

"Yes," Kerr confirmed it. "As soon as I walk in, generally, they put their phones down. I talked to my fellow coaches, it's league-wide. By the way, if you try to be a coach in 2021, saying 'No phones in the locker room!', you're done."

Warriors head coach also said that he tries to take a humorous approach.

"You try to use humor. You walk in and say, 'Did anybody say anything good about my coaching on Twitter?' or 'Is your girlfriend happy with your performance?' so you have a laugh and put the phone down," said Kerr. 

Just like Kerr, former Warriors forward Andrew Bogut also revealed that smartphones at halftime is nothing new. The Australian said that if Stephen Curry has a bad first half, he checks his Twitter mentions at halftime as motivation.

"He'll check his mentions at halftime when he has a bad half. It's the craziest shit I ever saw," Bogut said in the Rogue Bogues podcast back in January 2021.

However, Kerr also revealed that social media has a dark side, in which players get constant abuse and criticism. He even gave an example, recalling Danny Green missed shot in the NBA Finals in 2020.

"Danny Green was playing for the Lakers in the bubble Finals against Miami. He missed a potential game-winning shot. A series game-winning shot, I think it was a Game 5. He got death threats on social media. Death threats," Kerr shared the reality of being high profile player nowadays.

"Then he was interviewed about it the next day. And he has to answer all those questions and then go back out and plat again. It's never been harder to be a professional athlete than it is right now," Kerr concluded.

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