Credit: AFP - Scanpix
Credit AFP - Scanpix

Three-and-a-half years ago, Belgrade was the epicenter of European basketball when the city hosted the EuroLeague Final Four in 2018. The Serbian capital wants to host the biggest basketball tournament's final games again.

The Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic, recently stated that he officially addressed the EuroLeague on behalf of the City of Belgrade and expressed interest in the Serbian capital hosting the Final Four again this or next year.

"If you asked the clubs in the EuroLeague today where they want to play, Belgrade would be winning because everyone had a good time, and they have a good memory of that tournament," Vesic said.

"I think our chances are not small, and I hope that we could be the hosts this year as well," the Deputy Mayor explained. "They [the EuroLeague] are now claiming that the final tournaments cannot be in countries where there are bigger restrictions. In any case, if this is not the case, it will be in the coming years."

According to Vesic, hosting one big competition each year is a big opportunity for the city of Belgrade, providing a boost to tourism and promoting the region. Belgrade is currently going to host the World Indoor Athletics Championship in March.

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