Sarunas Jasikevicius showed two different faces after the loss FC Barcelona (15-4) suffered at home against AX Armani Exchange Milan (11-6) by two points (73-75). One, in the flash interview at DAZN, praying not to lie the fans. 

Player of the Game
Sergio  Rodriguez
Sergio Rodriguez
Points 18
Accuracy 7-12
Rebounds 2
Assists 4

"We did not follow our game plan. What did you see positive about today? We have lost at home", said the Lithuanian coach straight after the game.

However, a few minutes later, in the press conference, Jasikevicius praised his players' effort during the whole game. 

"I think the attitude was excellent. I have nothing to say about my players. Like in all games between Final Four teams, winners are decided by small details. 

The only thing I don't understand is how we let their players go to their right. They are strong in that aspect, and we let them. I don't know how many times Delaney has done it," explained the 45-year-old.

Jasikevicius recognized some players are exhausted after the outbreak and the tight game against BAXI Manresa. 

"There is no doubt that the virus has affected the team. But it's the same for all teams. The team has fought like crazy. The players, coming back from the break, are giving what they can give", he admitted.

"We are asking for sacrifice and effort. I'm sure they will recover their level. It is always disappointing to lose here, but I trust in them. We will analyze why we are losing, but without going crazy," added FC Barcelona's head coach. 

Asked if FC Barcelona could be thinking of some new addition to the roster, Jasikevicius denied that possibility. 

"We have Dante (Exum). He's ready to come back at any time, but he's still positive. We have a very good team. It's impossible to be 10 months at full strength and at the top of everything". 

Cory Higgins scored 1 point in 16 minutes of action. The American shooting guard is getting in shape after his back injury. 

"The important thing is that Cory has recovered without surgery. It seems that his back is fine, but of course, he needs weeks to get the tone. He is in the first week of the preseason," confessed Sarunas.

On the other hand, Ettore Messina was satisfied after the victory. 

"It is clear that it is an important victory against a team that will probably be in the Final Four and maybe win the EuroLeague. It was a very physical game. 

I want to congratulate my players because, in the third quarter, we were not able to move the ball well, and we were weak on defense. Still, we reacted and were more aggressive on offense," the Italian icon analyzed. 

The Italian coach also highlighted Sergio Rodriguez and Delaney performances: 

"Chacho was very important in the first half. Delaney had an excellent third and last quarter," he noted.

About the madness of the current schedule (Milan has four postponed games to play), Messina admitted that this situation will require adjustments.

"There will come a time when we will have to make decisions like this game is very important for us, this one maybe we want to rest some players," he said.

Finally, Messina confessed all this situation with the outbreaks in all Europe will be helpful in terms of solidarity. 

"Everyone in the staff is doing a great effort. For instance, with Troy Daniels, who has been 21 days at home, we brought him all the food, we connected with him by Zoom… This is a teamwork," he concluded.

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Milano Armani Exchange
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Kyle   Kuric
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Sergio  Rodriguez
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