ELPA Managing Director Bostjan Nachbar voiced his opposition to the stickers placed on basketball courts that have frequently been the cause of injury for many players.

Bostjan Nachbar

Bostjan  Nachbar
Position: SF, PF
Age: 41
Height: 206 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Birth place: Slovenia

Virtus Bologna guard Milos Teodosic was the last "victim" of those stickers, as he suffered a left knee injury in the final minute of the game against Reggio Emilia and was forced to leave the court, helped by his teammates. The Italian club announced that the Serbian will remain sidelined for the next 20 days.

Nachbar took to Twitter to express the view that stickers should be removed from all professional basketball courts.

"How many more players need to be injured before all stickers get removed from professional basketball courts?

Yes, there’s a financial aspect behind advertisements, but as a priority, alternative ways to advertise (in order to protect players’ health) must be seriously considered," the Slovenian former player wrote.

He further explained that players would be willing to support alternative ways of sponsor advertising. "No matter what league, players would agree to help advertise clubs' sponsors in other ways in order to have a “clean” court.

Clubs could preserve their income, keep sponsors happy, and their players healthy. Unfortunately, in most cases the discussion with players does not happen," he added.

"While the clubs/sponsors surely have good intentions, the saddest thing (besides player’s injury!) is that such sticker is later seen in all videos as a reason for athlete’s injury. Counterproductive," Bostjan Nachbar concluded.

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