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Credit AFP-Scanpix

Nikola Mirotic is having an MVP-worthy season so far. The power forward has led FC Barcelona this December without Cory Higgins and Nick Calathes, being named MVP of the Month in the Euroleague.

Mirotic is the only player who has scored 300 points and has 400 PIR so far in the Regular Season. He is shooting above 60% from the 2-point zone and 50% from the 3-point line.

The Montenegrin player was interviewed by Antoni Daimiel in Movistar, talking about his beginnings, his arrival in Madrid, religion, and many other different topics apart from basketball. Mirotic opened his heart in a deep dialogue.

Mirotic tried to give a definition of himself, something that is not easy at all. He confessed he likes loneliness.

"I am a family man, relaxed. Even with them I like to be a little bit alone. I used to read about Saints as I grew up in an orthodox family. They taught me to believe in God".

One of the most productive players in the EuroLeague remembered how his own dad put much more pressure on him than some of the coaches he has had.

"People who are not professional in sport usually do not understand what kind of life we have. I have always had pressure during my life. When I was at Palencia on loan, my dad put much more pressure on me rather than my coach. If I had played a bad game, I could not stop thinking about how he would punish me," explained Nikola.

Mirotic started to play basketball at the age of 13. In just a few months, he received a call from Spain. Madrid was interested in recruiting him. He and his family accepted the offer. It was a huge challenge (and opportunity).

"When I arrived in Spain I knew I would need to hustle more than local players and be two times better. If they started to practice at 8 pm, I was there at 7 pm. I needed to prove to them that I was better", admitted the 30-year-old.

Points this season

Points made: 84,6
Accuracy: 48,8%
Place in standings: 1
Record max: 111
Record min: 68
Best scorer: Nikola Mirotic

Mirotic also revealed a funny incident in his first practice with the senior team.

"I coincided with Felipe Reyes at his best, Alex Mumbru, Axel Hervelle... I was really motivated, aggressive. Suddenly, when I tried to make a good screen, Mumbru hit me with his elbow in my face. I realized where I was. Then he apologized for that, obviously," Mirotic said with a smile.

After a tough loss in the 2014 Euroleague Final Four, Mirotic moved to the NBA. He spent five seasons there, having an important role at Chicago and New Orleans.

Despite this, he was missing other things.

"When I was in the United States, I felt far away even from my family. I took my job seriously and I forgot a bit about my family. I stopped enjoying the court," he said.

"I wanted to be as I used to be as a child. I wished to spend time with my children, in the church... Yes, I had kind of a personal crisis. You need to transform yourself on the court, be competitive... And I am not totally like that, so it has not always been easy", Mirotic continued.

This is why Mirotic decided to return to Europe in the summer of 2019. "My family was my first priority. I wanted my children to grow up here in Europe. We discussed a lot with my wife. It was the first time I put my family over my career", he confessed.

Finally, asked about social media stuff, Mirotic confessed he has thought about taking off many times.

"You waste time there", he concluded.

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Nikola Mirotic

Nikola  Mirotic
Team: FC Barcelona
Position: PF, SF
Age: 30
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 102 kg
Birth place: Podgorica, Montenegro