Credit: AFP-Scanpix
Credit AFP-Scanpix

Spanish basketball legend Pau Gasol, who recently retired, spoke with a streamer Ibai Llanos and talked about his current plans, including a documentary that will be available on Prime Video this month. 

Pau Gasol

Pau  Gasol
Position: PF
Age: 41
Height: 213 cm
Weight: 113 kg
Birth place: Barcelona, Spain

The former Lakers big man also talked about the death of Kobe Bryant and how difficult it was for him to recover from that loss.

"The objective of the documentary was to show the personal side and to be authentic. To be transparent with what was happening and unfortunately, this tragic accident took place, and it was a very hard blow that is still being digested", Gasol explained. 

"Kobe meant so much in my life that it was a way to convey those feelings in the most natural way possible," Gasol continued. "It took me a long time to sleep well after his death, there was a lot of crying and pain."

Gasol played with Kobe Bryant with the Los Angeles Lakers from 2008 to 2014.

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