In an interview with Express Sport, Partizan Belgrade GM Zoran Savic answered several questions about his arrival to the club and the future of the Serbian powerhouse. 

"When I joined the club bringing Obradovic as head coach was not an idea that I believed was realistic", Savic explained during the interview. "Obradovic is one of the best coaches in the world and the team was coming from a very bad season so it looked a bit unrealistic at first".

So what changed in the process? Savic explained that Obradovic's love for the club completely changed the picture: 'Obradovic's love for Partizan is unbelievable", the GM said during the interview. "He's like the locomotive of a train, it doesn't matter how many wagons he's carrying, he'll keep going on". 

"By deciding to come to Partizan", Savic continued. "He showed his willingness to join a level which wasn't supposed to join. He could have made millions joining other EuroLeague clubs but he was ready for something different. Partizan will be one of the youngest teams in Eurocup, our average is about 23-years-old".

Savic also talked about his own future with the club, explaining his contract situation: "The agreement that I signed with Partizan is for three years. As a player, I liked to change teams every two years, to find new challenges. But here there's a lot of work to do, I think we are only at 30% percent of what we need to achieve", Savic concluded. 

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