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Kyrie Irving went on Instagram Live, explaining his decision not to get vaccinated and being forced to sit out in the upcoming season.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie  Irving
Position: PG, SG
Age: 29
Height: 191 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Birth place: Melbourne, Australia

"I had to stop running from using my voice and using my platform to speak on what's true and what's mine," Irving said. "You know, nobody's going to hijack my voice. Don't believe that I'm retiring, don't believe that I'm going to give up this game for a vaccine mandate or staying unvaccinated.

Be aware of what's being said before I even get a chance to be on the podium and speak for myself. All these people are saying all these things about what's going on with me, and it's not true. Pay attention to what's going on out in the real world. You know, people are losing their jobs to these mandates, people have to make choices with their own lives, which I respect.

And I don't want to sit here and play on people's emotions. Just use logic. What would you do if you felt uncomfortable going into the season if you were promised that you would have exemptions or that you didn't have to be forced to get the vaccine?"

Irving explained that it wasn't easy to make the decision to sit out next season. But according to him, it's what's best for him, and it's not about money.

"This wasn't an issue before the season started. This wasn't something I foresaw coming, I prepared for. I had a chance to strategize what was going to be best for my family and me. I came into the season thinking that I was just going to be able to play ball.

Putting this one on me is just like... Why are you putting it on me? This is not part of what's going on in conversations with scientists, physicians, doctors. I'm just a hooper, right? I'm just a person who's being utilized as an example. For some odd reason, people love to have my name in the mix of just BS.

It's not about the money, baby. It's not always about the money. It's about choosing what's best for you. Do you think I really want to lose money? You think I really want to give up on my dream to go after a championship?"

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