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EuroLeague veteran Kyle Hines, 35, is entering the final year of his contract with AX Armani Exchange Milan, which will expire in June of next year.

In a recent interview with Eurohoops, Hines revealed that his might actually be the last year of his career in general. 

"This is might be ultimately the last season of my career," Hines said during the interview. "I'm not sure, there are not too many 35-36 years old American players around still playing at this level".

"I hope it won't happen, but the reality is that there aren't too many players in my age range that are still playing at EuroLeague level. I'd still love to play, but I'm gonna approach this season as it is, trying to enjoy every moment and see what's gonna happen at the end", Hines continued. 

When he was asked about Milan, Hines was pretty clear that he'd love to stay there beyond this season.

"My family loves here, I love the city, I love my teammates, and I have a great relationship with coach Messina. So if it was up to me, of course, I'd love to stay here".

"But again, let's see what's gonna happen at the end of the season," Hines finished.

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