Credit: AP – Scanpix
Credit AP – Scanpix

After the Golden State Warriors’ preseason opener win against the Portland Trail Blazers, forward Andrew Wiggins spoke to the reporters for the first time after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Wiggins, despite taking the vaccine, still expressed a lot of doubts about the vaccination process.

“It’s not something that I wanted to do,” Wiggins said to the reporters after the game. “But I was kind of forced into it. I guess to do certain stuff and work, you don’t own your body. Hopefully, there are people who are stronger than me and keep fighting for what they believe in”.

“No one in my family is vaccinated,” Wiggins continued. “It’s not something that we believe in. I had a bad reaction a few years to Tylenol, and since then, I haven’t wanted to take anything. Let stuff heal naturally. In this case, I had covid, and it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t want to take the chance. I don’t know if it causes cancer or anything like that”. 

Wiggins would have lost money on this season’s salary if he had chosen not to take the vaccination and would have been forced to miss Warriors’ home games due to the Covid’s restrictions in the Bay area. 

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