Credit: Klubo nuotr.
Credit Klubo nuotr.

Khimki Moscow Region finished its journey in the Russian up early. In the Round of 32, Khimki 59:66 lost to the Tambov club.

Khimki’s top scorer was Andrey Malcev, who finished the game with 15 points. Andrey Ivanov added 10 points, while Ruslan Pateev - 8.

Tambov’s leader was Timofey Starodubov, with 16 points.

Just last season, Khimki were competing in EuroLeague and Russian VTB leagues. However, due to financial problems, Khimki had to withdraw from both competitions. This season Khimki will be playing in the second Russian basketball division.

Tambov: Timofey Starodubov 16, Maskvim Hozyashev 11, Mikhail Maleiko 10.

Khimki: Andrey Maltsev 15, Andrey Ivanov 10, Ruslan Pateev 8 (11 REB).

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