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Dimitris Itoudis was interviewed by Nova about the new Greek Basketball Federation president Vangelis Liolios's proposal for CSKA Moscow's head coach to take over the Greek National team.

Itoudis started by speaking highly about Liolios and expressing belief in his ideas.

"It's the highest honor, I have said it many times. I was proud to hear the new president, who I congratulate on his election, struggle, and motto that basketball unites. He believes and means this, and I believe that this will happen. Basketball will unite and bring joy to Greece again. The society is asking for something different, and that is what the new president of the federation stands for."

Itoudis called coaching Greece an honor but stressed that CSKA Moscow should be involved in the discussions.

"I want to be specific, without avoiding anything. It is a supreme honor to lead the team, together with partners, players, coaches who may not be in the NT but contributed to its success anyway. I consider myself a part of the NT, whether I worked on its bench or not."

"This issue, however, is three-dimensional. Obviously, this is my wish, but we will have to see how this proposal will be structured and how CSKA will accept it."

Let me wait for the necessary discussions to take place, which are taking place and will continue to take place. Coaching the NT is the highest honor, but it is also a great honor to lead an effort of a club like CSKA. An organization that we all try to become, the best we can be every day ".

Itoudis said that while he hasn't spoken with the President and Chief Executive Officer of CSKA Andrey Vatutin, he intends to do it soon.

"There was a meeting of the Euroleague teams in Barcelona, ​​which lasted a long time, we are in a tournament, we left for two away games, and I honestly tell you that we did not meet face to face. But we will meet in the coming days. "

Itoudis also talked about the issues of the current state of basketball worldwide. The 51-year-old specialist would like for it to be run more like football.

"Unfortunately, as Mr. Liolios said, basketball is going through a huge crisis of which we are not proud. I do not want to see different basketball. I do not want other regulations in FIBA, other regulations in the EuroLeague, other NCAA regulations, and other regulations in American basketball. We have confused the world with such a beautiful sport. Basketball is global, it must be that way, just like football."

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