Credit: AFP - Scanpix
Credit AFP - Scanpix

Yesterday the Philadelphia 76ers hosted their media day, and president of basketball operations Daryl Morey stated that he's still hopeful that Ben Simmons will re-join the Sixers.

Ben Simmons

Ben  Simmons
Position: SF, PF
Age: 25
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 104 kg
Birth place: Australia

Simmons, though, doesn't share the same feeling. According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, the Australian forward believes his cooperation with Joel Embiid 'has done its course.' Simmons doesn't have anything personal against Embiid but thinks that his career it's better off without the big man.

"The organization's choice to build its basketball ecosystem around Embiid's style simply isn't conducive to the way Simmons needs to play," Amick wrote in his piece. 

That's also one of the reasons why Simmons turned down his teammates' proposal to reach him in LA and try to change his mind. The Australian forward has made a clear decision: he doesn't want to play in Philadelphia anymore, and there's no coming back from that.

The stalemate remains, though. As of right now, the Sixers don't look close to a deal to trade Simmons, and the asking price remains pretty high. With his decision not to join the team for the training camp, Simmons also risks receiving multiple fines and sanctions from the Sixers. 


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