Credit: BasketNews/D.Repečka
Credit BasketNews/D.Repečka

Dimitris Itoudis is the frontrunner for the Greek national team head coach position at the upcoming EuroBasket 2022.

During his inaugural press conference, newly elected Greek basketball federation president Vangelis Liolios made clear that he wants to see CSKA Moscow's coach lead his national team.

"I'm going to communicate to the Board my will that Itoudis should be the coach at EuroBasket 2022," Liolios said. "All the right procedures have been followed, and I hope that all sides understand it, including CSKA Moscow, and that Itoudis will lead our effort."

Furthermore, Liolios also referred to the person who is going to be on the bench during the FIBA windows as he pointed out that the Greek national team would have a separate head coach for the qualifiers.

"European basketball is divided, and that creates huge problems. Let's not get down to details about who's right. Until the issue of Itoudis is resolved, if we agree, and because the NT is a whole, the coach taking over in the windows will come out of a dialogue between the Board of the federation and the coach selected for that purpose," said Liolios.

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