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At a press conference held on Wednesday, the legendary Argentinian player Luis Scola was introduced as the CEO of Pallacanestro Varese. He has stepped into the new career chapter with a five-year project on his mind, according to

Luis Scola

Luis  Scola
Position: PF
Age: 41
Height: 206 cm
Weight: 111 kg
Birth place: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Scola was happy for the opportunity to work at the club with long-living basketball traditions: "Pallacanestro Varese has a great history, of which I spoke with the club's president. A beautiful city that knows its roots. Of course, the situation is very different compared to 40-50 years ago, but I am aware of that. Here we have the conditions that will let us do very well."

The 41-year-old admitted that he was inspired by the organizational model NBA franchises have. Scola believes that smaller teams should look at the best examples from both the NBA and the EuroLeague. And for Varese, they don't need to look very far, as Milan has great organization.

"We do not start from scratch. Varese has a built first-team which is competitive in the Italian Basketball League. The organization is a working mechanism. In the first year, we will not make any particular interventions, then we will gradually see what to improve over time," said Scola.

Despite earning a legendary status and respect within the international basketball community, Scola is still eager to learn. He admitted that on the court he could've been the most experienced guy. But as an executive, he still has ways to go.

"My friend called and told me that yesterday I was the oldest in my job, today I am the youngest in the new business," said Scola about his new position. "Seriously, I want to bring the mindset that I have always kept as a player: I want to learn something every day. Until the last day, there is something to learn, to improve, to correct. On the court, I had a lot of experience, now I'm making my debut here."

Asked about his latest experience in the Olympics and his retirement, Scola explained that it was a natural move for him to end his career.

"It was not a very difficult decision. Day after day the playing became more and more complicated and my body felt this change. In order to compete at the level I like, I had to do many more things every day: at a certain point, it was not possible to continue.

I keep training every day because I like it. If one day the team needs a guy due to injuries or other things, I'll be ready to help. But I'm happy with what I've done in my career, I'm ready to go on," finished Luis Scola.

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