Credit: USA Today-Scanpix
Credit USA Today-Scanpix

Earlier this year, the NFL struck a new 11-year TV deal worth $100 billion. Even though it will only go into effect in 2023, hopes are that the NBA could negotiate a similar TV contract.

According to a report by Jabari Young of CNBC, the NBA plans to sign a new TV deal, estimated at around $75 billion after the current $24 billion deal expires following the 2024-25 NBA season wrap-up.

If the new deal came to fruition, it would help the NBA raise its salary cap dramatically. The current salary cap is set at $112.4 million, but after the potential TV deal kicks in, the cap could increase to around $171 million.

Morten Jensen of Forbes reports that the new salary cap would significantly increase NBA max contracts.

"Based off a cap that by 2025 sits at $171 million, a 35% max deal would start at $59.85 million and carry 8% annual raises. Over a five-year period, that becomes $347.1 million with the final year being worth $79 million alone, which is $9 million more than the entire salary cap number in 2015."

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