Credit: AFP – Scanpix
Credit AFP – Scanpix

NBA Executive Vice President Evan Wasch appeared on The Crossover podcast and talked about the possibility of playing NBA games outdoor.

He referenced the recent success of MLB's outdoor match at the Field of Dreams stadium, which turned the heads of NBA executives.

"We’ve explored it, and we’ll continue to talk about it. Obviously, the Field of Dreams game was incredibly successful. So, no surprise it has sparked some discussions, and it’s worth exploring. But the logistical challenges of a basketball game outside are just significantly more than a baseball game, which, of course, is already outside," Wesch said.

He proceeded to talk about the biggest issues that may arise from organizing NBA games in outdoor venues.

"The biggest concern in the basketball is whether it’s blacktop and injury concerns or a wooden court outside with humidity concerns and moisture that can get on the court, being beholden to rain, all of those things become a consideration."

The NBA has held four pre-season games in outdoor arenas in the past. The first one came way back in 1972 when the Phoenix Suns faced the Milwaukee Bucks in a Puerto Rican baseball park.

The Suns played three more outdoor games at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden. The first took place in 2008 when they matched up against the Denver Nuggets. One year later, the Arizona team did it again, that time against the Golden State Warriors. Lastly, they played the Dallas Mavericks in 2010.

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