Credit: Credit ZumaPress - Scanpix, D.Lukšta | BasketNews/E.Alšauskas
Credit Credit ZumaPress - Scanpix, D.Lukšta | BasketNews/E.Alšauskas

Crvena Zvezda mts Belgrade have announced their budget for the upcoming season.

Team president Nebojsa Covic revealed to a local news channel, Prva, that his team will have around 5.1 million at their disposal during the 2021-22 campaign.

It is reported that the size of Crvena Zvezda's wallet will remain almost the same size as last season, when the team's budget shrunk by around 30% due to the pandemic - from 8 to 5 million euros.

"Expenses are intended not only for players but also for managers, accommodation, and car allocation," Covic said. "Under the Sports Act, we must have an employment and compensation contract. Everyone has certain obligations to the state. We also owe about 30 million dinars (approx. €250 thousand) in VAT, but that is a consequence of COVID-19. We have tried to talk to the tax administration about it, and we are still waiting for their decision."

In comparison, Crvena Zvezda's rivals, Partizan NIS Belgrade, will have a €6 million budget in the upcoming season, according to team president Ostoja Mijailovic.

Crvena Zvezda will compete in the EuroLeague next season, while Partizan will attempt to advance to the strongest European competition through the EuroCup.

Current roster

Crvena Zvezda MTS Belgrade

Position Player Status
PG Nate Wolters (story) Signed until 2022
PG Aleksa Uskokovic Signed until 2024
PG Nikola Ivanovic Signed until 2022
SG Branko Lazic Signed until 2022
SG Ognjen Dobric (story) Signed until 2023
SG/SF Austin Hollins (story) Signed until 2022
SF Stefan Lazarevic (story) Signed until 2022
SF Marko Simonovic Signed until 2022
SF Dejan Davidovac Signed until 2022
SF Aleksa Radanov Signed until 2022
PF Aaron White (story) Signed until 2023
PF Luka Mitrovic Signed until 2023
PF Nikola Kalinic (story) Signed until 2022 +1
C Ognjen Kuzmic Signed until 2023
C Nik Popovic Signed until 2024
Coach Dejan Radonjic
Expired contract Jordan Loyd (not coming back), Landry Nnoko (not coming back), Duop Reath, Marko Jagodic Kuridza
Rumored to leave  
Interested Stefan Jovic, Stefan Markovic, Greg Monroe

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