Credit: SIPA – Scanpix
Credit SIPA – Scanpix

Misko Raznatovic, one of the most prominent agents in Europe and head of BeoBasket, criticized Euroleague and ELPA in a series of tweets on Thursday. Serbian agent wrote that 'he was surprised' by how Euroleague and ELPA didn't consult any agent during the negotiations for the recently signed collective agreement

Raznatovic was notified of the agreement only when it was done by mail, without any kind of previous involvement in the negotiations. The head of BeoBasket said that many agents are also lawyers or have important lawyers behind them that could have helped in giving useful suggestions.

The Serbian agent didn't comment on the 'quality' of the agreement between Euroleague and ELPA but stressed the fact that not having agents involved in the process was a decision that made him 'sad'. 

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Looks like mafia boss.
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