Credit: Reuters - Scanpix
Credit Reuters - Scanpix

The Dallas Mavericks held a press conference today regarding Luka Doncic's new Rookie supermax contract extension. Doncic himself, team owner Mark Cuban, head coach Jason Kidd, and GM Nico Harrison were among the participants.

Luka Doncic

Luka  Doncic
Position: SG
Age: 22
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Birth place: Slovenia

After addressing the Slovenian fans in their native language, Mark Cuban thanked the country for an amazing welcome: "I just want to say thank everybody in Slovenia for the amazing hospitality. You've shown all of us from the Mavericks coming to your beautiful city, beautiful country. It's been incredible walking around the streets and just talking with people."

Cuban proceeded to talk about the incredible growth Doncic displayed since being drafted: "When we drafted Luka in 2018, we had an inkling he was good, but we never imagined he was this good. That's the culmination of a lot of hard work on his part. When he got to Dallas, he not only worked to become an incredible NBA player, but he worked hard to become a part of the community and a part of the team. So to be able to announce that he signed an extension with the Dallas Mavericks, we want him to have the same Hall of Fame career as Dirk, who is sitting in the front row. Thank you, Luka Doncic, and this is just the beginning."

Doncic took the time to thank all the people in his life for helping him achieve what he's achieved. He expressed gratitude to his parents who sent him to develop in Madrid: "My dad, my mom, they sent me to Madrid at a young age. I think that was a great idea. It was really tough at the beginning, but later I learned the language, have great friends there, so I really appreciate it."

Doncic's five-year, $207 million extension kicks off in the 2022-23 season. The two-time All-Star was visibly awed by the value of the deal as Kidd reminded him it was time to "get to work."

"It's a great sum, but I'm still not thinking about this," Doncic said. "I have not bought myself anything worthwhile from this. I need to process it first before I start spending."

When he was asked about his future in the Slovenian National Team, Doncic's answer was short and sweet: "I will play."

Mark Cuban also addressed the Mavs' players representing their countries at the international stage: "When they're young, I have no problem. If it's really important to them, I've kind of backed down. The international game has gotten so commercialized that maybe the NBA should get involved. But the joy people get from playing for their country and the joy it brings people around them, it's paramount, and that's most important right now."

Jason Kidd was asked how he can help Luka continue to excel in the NBA: "I think when you talk about Luka's gift, he's a special player, and for me, as a coach, it's just to guide him, to be an extra set of eyes and ears to make the game as easy for him on the court, to give him the answers to the test so that he can do what he does at a very high level. He plays the game so easily, his imagination is incredible, so I'm just very fortunate to have an opportunity to work with him."

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