Credit: Ostoja Mijailovic twitter page
Credit Ostoja Mijailovic twitter page

Alen Smailagic

Alen  Smailagic
Position: PF
Age: 20
Height: 206 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Birth place: Belgrade, Serbia

KK Partizan Belgrade president, Ostoja Mijailovic, spoke about the permanent position that his team and Red Star deserve in the EuroLeague, as well as the club's transfers.

In an interview with "Mozzart Sport", Mijajlovic referred to Serbian clubs potentially obtaining a permanent license in Europe's top club competition: "At the moment Partizan is one of the most serious basketball projects in Europe. I believe that Partizan and Red Star really deserve a permanent place in the EuroLeague. That's based on the investments that the country makes, for what we have offered in European basketball and the players we have produced.

It is not good that the Adriatic League, a league with major organizations that have won the EuroLeague, does not have a guaranteed place. It's a problem that needs to be solved. By changing the organization of the company and the personal relationships that have damaged the reputation of the league, I think that the behavior of the EuroLeague will change as well".

The Serbian executive also foresaw "significant and quality arrivals in the coming days or weeks. I want people to know now that the situation has changed, we want to beat the reputation that Partizan is not a good destination for the development of talented players. We will try to bring in young and quality players who will have the opportunity to grow in a winning club, next to a coach who is a winner and the best in general".

As fas as Partizan's latest signing, Serbian forward Alen Smailagic, Ostoja Mijailovic commented that "it wasn't just us that wanted him, there was interest from several teams. He is a young player with  NBA experience and now he is with us." Regarding Filip Petrusev he said that "he belongs to a group of players that interest us, as well as several other young players, but I cannot tell you more".

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