Credit: J.Petronis
Credit J.Petronis

EuroLeague Basketball and the EuroLeague Players Association (ELPA) announced a historic achievement that reinforced the commitment between the league, clubs, and players. The sides signed a first-ever Euroleague Framework Agreement (EFA).

The main points of the agreement, which was under negotiations since 2018, include:

  • Guaranteed minimum salary according to the length of player's EuroLeague play.
  • Definition of the Standard Player Contract.
  • Inclusion of player voice in decisions regarding season calendar, health and safety protocols, doping tests, and rules of the game.
  • Limits on the length and duration of training camp and practices.
  • Mandatory monthly days off.
  • Improvements on medical services for players.

"After talking together with ELPA consistently over the last years, the confirmation of this agreement today makes it clear to everyone that our clubs and players are now stronger partners than ever in growing this sport we both love," Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO, stated. "It is crucial to note that when the league, the clubs and the players know what we can count on from each other, year to year, all of us can concentrate that much better on our primary mutual goal, which is to offer to our fans one of the most dramatic sporting spectacles on the planet."

"Since ELPA's founding it has been our priority to reach a collective agreement, which would standardize the relationships between players and clubs across the EuroLeague," Bostjan Nachbar, ELPA Managing Director, said. "This has been a long and challenging process that required a lot of time and effort on both sides. Many of our members, especially the Players’ Board, have unselfishly dedicated their time for the betterment of working conditions for all current and future EuroLeague players. I believe we now have a solid base to work on even more improvements in the future, while at the same time players will have the opportunity to see their careers grow together with the further development of the league itself."

The new EFA is signed through the end of the 2023-24 season. The document is the first of its kind in pan-European basketball and team sports in general.

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