Credit: Credit ZumaPress - Scanpix, D.Lukšta | BasketNews/E.Alšauskas
Credit Credit ZumaPress - Scanpix, D.Lukšta | BasketNews/E.Alšauskas

In 2020, the Government of Serbia passed a decree providing funds to sports associations as a form of financial support due to the pandemic. Within this framework of support, according to the report by TELESPORT, Crvena Zvezda Belgrade received €4,222,735, while Partizan Belgrade - only €1,788,073.

The report states that initially, Crvena Zvezda received €2,667,856 from government support. However, additional money (€1,554,879) came via transfer from basketball club FMP as part of a business and technical cooperation agreement. BC FMP, through government support program, received €1,960,798.

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