In the latest Urbonus podcast BasketNews' Donatas Urbonas and Orazio Cauchi discuss two of the biggest stories in European basketball this offseason: Partizan Belgrade big moves with Zeljko Obradovic and Vasilije Micic signing a new deal in Istanbul.


  • Zeljko Obradovic’s return to Partizan (5:00); 
  • is politics behind Partizan’s cash flow? (10:37); 
  • possible Ekpe Udoh and Obradovic reunion? (20:21); 
  • what about Serbians in Partizan (25:30); 
  • a dangerous new format of EuroCup (30:00); 
  • how Vasilije Micic turned down CSKA’s offer and stayed with Anadolu Efes (33:59); 
  • Micic’s NBA options (41:34); 
  • surprising Sanli move and possible newcomer (46:45).

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I had been vaccined for the second time on monday, so this podcast went in a pretty enjoyable way to my ears. Looking after all, basketball fans really missing this type of podcasts in english, which finally saw day light in the basketball air breathing country like Lithuania :)
How do you expect people to find this website when basketnews isn\'t even on Google. Feels like same people coming here to read news, no flow of new readers
Good material though
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