Credit: SIPA – Scanpix
Credit SIPA – Scanpix

Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden was detained and released by French police who arrested rapper Lil Baby in Paris as part of a narcotics investigation.

James Harden

James  Harden
James  Harden
MIN: 36.42
PTS: 23.87 (59.25%)
REB: 7.64
As: 10.42
ST: 1.28
BL: 0.75
TO: 3.83
GM: 53

NBC News confirmed initial reports of Harden being held by police in Paris where prosecutor files show Dominique Armani Jones, aka Lil Baby, was arrested.

Harden was with a group of known celebrities during Fashion Week. He was only briefly detained and never taken into custody of police.

French newspaper Le Parisien pointed to a video taken by bystanders showing Harden and another man having their pants pockets searched by police.

Authorities first asked Harden and Jones to exit a car when they smelled marijuana, according to the incident report.

The newspaper said police entered the area at 4:50 p.m. local time to follow up on reports of men exiting a car that smelled like pot, which is illegal in France.

--Field Level Media

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